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Will the Dutch speakers be subtitled?

Not during the presentations. We are doing our best to add subtitles as soon as possible after the event on the taped presentations. With a Week ticket you can watch the speakers and events afterwards. Hopefully this will include the subtitles!


For whom is the Week of Dyslexia?

The Week of Dyslexia is for anyone interested in the broad picture of dyslexia; parents, teachers, experts, employers, children and dyslexics themselves.


How can I buy tickets? 

You can buy tickets through Eventbrite. Then buy a ticket by selecting a date (red button on top right). Click on ‘register’ and then you can select a week or day ticket.


How can I buy a ticket for the whole week? 

With this ticket you get access to all speakers and events of the whole week. You can buy it via Eventbrite. You can then buy a ticket by selecting any date (red button at the top right). Click on ‘register’ and select ‘week ticket’.


What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is the largest event technology platform in the world and a great tool for the WEEK OF DYSLEXIA.


Is there a possibility to ask questions (in advance and/or during the sessions)?

Yes, you can send your questions in advance to and there is a possibility to ask questions via during the presentations. Before the start of the presentations we will communicate a code to use.


Where can I find the link to the speakers? 

In the email you received with the ticket you will also find a link to the event. At the top of the email is a red button with “go to online event page”.


I ordered a ticket, but did not receive an email. 

If you didn’t receive an email with the ticket please check your spam box first and if you can’t find it there, please contact us!


I’m on the online page, but I can’t see the speaker. 

First check your ticket if you have logged in on the right day, because you only have access to all speakers with a WEEK ticket. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us at


Can I, on a later date, see the taped presentations?

Yes, with a WEEK ticket you can see all taped presentations for another 4 weeks.


The event “Together for Empowerment” [in Dutch] is free, do I have to register somewhere?

Yes, via the link on the website you go to the Eventbrite site. There you choose the date: Monday October 5th. And so you can register for the free event.



Unfortunately we cannot give a refund.


You did enough searching time to send that question to us.